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Display Boards – Surprisingly Versatile Products

Here at Display Boards UK we are firm believers that there’s nothing better than a single product that serves a multitude of purposes. This is especially true when buying products for business use as when it comes to minimising expense and maximising productivity, multi-purpose products of genuine versatility always make the best possible purchases.

That’s why we’ve worked long and hard to create a range of high-quality display boards, which are in every instance a cut or two above the average. Designed and manufactured by experts to the highest quality standards and guaranteed to come in handy not only around the office but also at trade show events.  We take huge pride in creating and retailing display boards that are in fact surprisingly versatile assets.

Large Display Boards

Our range of large display boards have been designed with semi-permanent display purposes in mind. Offering large, full-height and break-free panels for jumbo notices and high-impact communication materials, they’re the perfect choice for any business looking to have its own message stand out. Each of the large display boards across our range also folds flat for easy storage and transportation, making them the perfect choice for conventions, expos and presentations at remote locations.

In terms of versatility, we tick all the right boxes and then go the extra mile with our large display boards – each of which is both pin-friendly and Velcro-ready. This opens up limitless opportunities for adding, swapping and changing the content of your display boards as often as necessary with incredible ease. What’s more, each of the boards across this particular range can be used in conjunction with any other – the panels can be interlocked in seconds to create a display as large or small as required.

Key Features:

  • Multiple Sizes and Specifications Available
  • Huge Choice of Fabric Colours
  • Use Both Sides to Display Notices
  • All Panels Are Velcro and Pin-Friendly
  • Folds Down for Easy Storage
  • Highest-Quality Materials

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Concertina Display Screens & Room Dividers

When looking to create a temporary divide in an office, school or any other workplace, our market-leading range of mobile room dividers and concertina display screens covers all bases across the board. Designed with the strongest aluminium frames for a robust and dependable divide, each product comes supplied with high-quality lockable castors for the easiest possible movement and positioning.

Taking versatility one step further, we’ve also created our mobile room dividers and concertina display screens using 100% Velcro-ready and pin-friendly materials, which means you can also use them as high-impact notice boards for important messages, marketing materials or really anything else. Both sides feature the same premium-quality covering and storage is as easy as folding the screen flat for fantastic compactness.

Key Features:

  • Concertina Boards Available in 5-Feet and 6-Feet Heights
  • All Products Come Complete with Lockable Castors
  • Perfect for Temporary or Adjustable Room Partitions
  • Panels Fold Flat for Easy Storage and Transport
  • High-Quality Aluminium Frames
  • Pin and Velcro-Friendly Surfaces on Both Sides for Superior Versatility
  • Multiple Colours Available

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Office Screens

When it comes to injecting that all-important dose of privacy and intimacy into the workplace, the difference made by a simple office screen can be quite remarkable. One of the most fantastic ways of converting an open-plan office or larger working area into a more productive and focused workplace, office screens bring about all of the benefits of large-scale alterations without the excessive costs.

Of course, we’ve again brought our own magic touch to the office screen across our range, which we’re proud to say can also be used as fully-functional display boards. Both sides are covered with the same Velcro and pin-friendly fabric we use across most of our range, taking the versatility of these simple office supplies to new heights!

Key Features:

  • Multiple Sizes Available to Suit Any Office
  • Create Separate Working Areas For the Lowest Costs
  • Reduce Noise, Minimise Distractions and Maximise Privacy
  • Help Build a More Productive and Efficient Workplace
  • Attach Notices and Posters Using Velcro or Pins
  • Various Colour Choices Available
  • Extremely Durable Construction
  • Can be Joined Together With Linking Strips (Sold Separately)
  • High Quality Wheeled Castors Available (Sold Separately)

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Any Questions?

We’re always delighted to hear from our customers with any questions or queries you may have with regard to making these incredibly versatile boards work for you. From bespoke orders to special deals and any other advice you may need, get in touch with the Display Boards UK service team at any time and we’d be delighted to help you.

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