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Our unbeatable range of large display boards consists of 1810mm high x 923mm wide full height jumbo panels.  They are popular with a number of organisations including schools, universities and councils looking for portable, semi-permanent and permanent displays.

Our best selling collection includes 3, 4 and 5 panel folding display boards which are hinged together creating a set panel formation. We also offer a more flexible option known as our modular system that allows sections to be added or removed depending on the event area available. These are available as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 kits but we can make up any combination due to its unique modular characteristics. There is something for everyone so please call our sales team today on 0116 2047759 to find out more! 

The large freestanding displays are incredibly simple to erect so are just the thing for trade show events and expo exhibitions.  The 6ft high panels can also act as room dividers or office screens dividing large areas into smaller private booths. The boards simply concertina in and out for easy use and storage and each panel is upholstered both sides in a Velcro friendly luxury loop nylon material, which is available in 8 different colours.  Our robust 20mm thick in-fill section also allows for posters and presentation material to be attached to the board using pins, so you can decide what method is best for you!  

Super Fast Delivery At No Extra Charge! 
Delivery is normally within 1-3 working days of a written order.  If you need a freestanding display for a specific event please let our sales team know. 

Hardware Guarantee and Manufacturing 
We are delighted to support UK manufacturing that is why all of our jumbo panel systems are made in the UK. You can also make your purchased with added peace of mind as we offer a 1 year guarantee against manufacturer's defects. 

Accessories For Your Large Display Boards
You have purchased your large display boards so it is now time to make them stand out! Whether it be full colour graphics, stylish halogen spotlights, carrying bags, extra panels and poles or useful rolls of hook Velcro we have just the thing for you. Call us today to discuss your individual requirements.

Other Possible Options To Consider
You may also want to consider our standard folding display boards, which incorporate 2 panels one on top of another. This is a popular system with anyone wanting to transport the boards by car as they pack neatly away in a fabric carry bag. Obviously there is a visual panel break but it depends how important portability is to you. Because of the height and width of our jumbo boards they are also used as rooms partitions, dividing open plan spaces into private booths. If this is something of interest why not take a look at our office screens and mobile concertina screens


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