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Modular panel and pole display boards are one of our best selling systems and are perfect for use within schools, colleges, offices and any other busy working environment. The double sided boards can be used both landscape and portrait and sections can be simply added or removed depending on the space available. The lightweight boards are pin and Velcro friendly and are designed to be transported by car with a full range of accessories including carry bags available. Our boards also come with an impressive 5 year guarantee against manufacturer’s defects giving you total peace of mind.

What are poster boards?
A poster board is generally used to display prints such as photographs, promotional posters and notices; made from paper, card or any other lightweight substrate. The solid in-fill for folding and modular panel and pole systems are made from rigid honeycomb and are approx 9.5mm thick. The in-full for the larger full-height poster boards is a Correx material and is slightly thicker at 15mm. The rigid panel is covered on both sides in a loop nylon fabric and is finished with a strong PVC framework. Presentation material can be attached directly to the board using drawing pins and hook Velcro. The image below shows mounted pictures being attached using hook Velcro.

Poster Board

Is there a standard size poster board?
The simple answer is no. A range of popular board sizes are offered, such as A1, A0, 900 x 600mm, 1000 x 700mm and 1000 x 1000mm but this simply to make life easier for people who do not have a set size in mind. Often posters are not printed until after the boards have been purchased, giving the end user a better idea of the working space available.  All panels are made to order so custom sizes can be manufactured just as easily as long as the measurments to not exceed 2000 x 1000mm.

Who buys poster boards?
Anyone can use a poster board. A teacher may buy a set of boards to display end of year artwork, a photographer may be attending a wedding fair or exhibition so will want to show off their portfolio, or an architect’s might be attending a large planning meeting and needs to display a proposed build site to the local community. 

Display Boards

Where can I use my poster boards?
Poster boards can be used both indoors and outdoors although it is recommended when using outdoors to have them undercover as they are not waterproof. Popular venues for poster presentations include schools, universities, churches, libraries, shopping centres and exhibitions. If you find yourself in a venue with uneven floors the modular system with heavy circular bases is your best bet. The 300mm diameter steel bases sit either side of the boatds and weigh approx 3kg each. 


How do I make my display board look eye catching?
A display board can tell a lot about a person/company so it is important to make sure it presents the correct image and message.  Potential clients need to be suitably impressed by not only the overall look but the content.

You also need to think about what colour to have the boards upholstered in. The range is comprehensive with 6 different options including neutral greys to more extravagant blues and greens.  If you are displaying photographs it is a good idea to mount the prints onto card first, (please see above) as it tends to look more professional and protects the actual photos. Make posters easy to read by using a large, clear font and try not to include too much text as it can put people off reading your message altogether.

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