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We offer a comprehensive range of extra large 2m high x 1m wide full height poster display boards. Use as a portable, semi-permanent and permanent display within schools, universities, offices & exhibition venues.

The range includes a number of set panel formations including 2,3 and 4 panel kits but custom arrangements can be supplied. This flexible modular system includes double sided upholstered boards, 16mm diameter poles and pole clips. Full height sections can be easily added or removed depending on your requirements. Optional 300mm diameter metal circular support bases can be purchased if additional support is required or you would like to configure the panels in a straight line. If you would like us to quote on a particular formation then please call our sales team today on 0116 2047759.

Speedy Delivery At No Extra Charge!
Delivery is normally within 5 working days of an order. If you need a freestanding display for a specific event please let our sales team know.

Hardware Guarantee and Manufacturing
We are delighted to support UK manufacturing so that is why all of our jumbo panel systems are made in the UK. You can also make your purchase with added peace of mind as we offer a 5 year guarantee against manufacturer's defects.

Accessories For Your Large Display Boards
We offer two standard accessories for our extra large 2m x 1m jumbo boards and they are the 300mm (dia) circular support bases and hook Velcro.  If you are looking for something that is no featured as standard contact all us today to discuss your individual requirements.

Other Possible Options To Consider
You may also want to consider our standard large jumbo display boards, which incorporate slightly smaller boards or our folding display boards, which are ideal for transporting by car as the panels fold down one on top of another.


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