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Display Boards UK has now moved to a HTTPS Certificate

We at Display Boards UK value our relationship with our customers and in order to make sure that our customers are able to securely browse our entire website, we have recently moved from HTTP to HTTPS certificate. 

What is HTTPS and how does it differ from HTTP

HTTPS refers to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and as the name suggests, the HTTPS site establishes a stable connection over the network, hence more secure than HTTP sites. In secure networks, the data are encrypted before sending it over the internet. The encrypted data reduce the risk of stealing or hacking of information while performing online activities and helps in completing the transaction securely. Hence people across the globe prefer financial transactions in websites that are HTTPS certified than otherwise.

While transacting over HTTPS sites, users usually experience slower connections, due to data encryption. Hence the usage of HTTPS connections is sometimes limited to pages requiring login credentials and financial transactions to keep the information secure and load the other pages of the website relatively faster.

Identifying a site with HTTPS Certificate

It’s easy to identify an HTTPS enabled site by the presence of ‘HTTPS’ in the front of the URL in the address bar.

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